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Your a new home owner and suddenly there are so many things to do that just were not there as a renter. This page is intended to help new home owners with areas they are not familiar with. If you have a question that is not on our site, or would like to suggest a different solution video  please submit it so we can add it and help all the people out there. Each question will take you to a YouTube video explaining the process. Your video will be displayed in a new tab so just close that tab to be brought back to Habitat for Humanity. Feel free to search for other answers in YouTube.

Financial Question?

Winter Preparations

Summer Tasks

Do you know?

How to Clean?

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Financial Considerations:

How are my property taxes paid?

How is my homeowners insurance paid?

Do I have to pay for garbage pickup?

Do I pay for water?

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Winter Preparation:

Outside Faucet covers

Put the garden hose away

Shovel your drive

Do I have to shovel the Sidewalks(City Rules)

Ice Damns on the roof

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Summer Tasks:

Cutting the lawn

Watering the lawn

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Fall Tasks:

Clean out the Gutters

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Do you know:

Where is your main water shut off valve

Circuit Breaker Box

Gas shut off

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How to Clean

Clean a drain

Clean a Stove

Clean a Refrigerator

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If you have a question we have not addressed or if you have an alternate answer please email your question to IT@Nwihabitat.org




From the Desk of:

DanKDan Klein, Executive Director

Habitat for Humanity needs donations to continue our mission.

Many people don’t really know what Habitat for Humanity is or what we do. The answer is, we are a non-profit organization that helps people help themselves. Habitat for Humanity helps people by building homes and providing zero interest loans for their mortgage. The new home owners also...Read More »


Dawn Michaels, Director of Development

Wall Panel Builds & What can my donation do?

Wall Panel builds are great for a team donation. Details are just a click away.

Have you ever wondered how your donation is used? Just scroll down to see.


What can my donations fund?


...Read More »


Penny Triezenburg, Family Services Coordinator

Congratulations to our 4 new partner families

Congratulations to our 4 new partner families that have successfully completed the 9 week Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course! Another step closer to homeownership.  And sincere thanks to Matt and Noelle Kietzman, members of  Suncrest Christian Church for giving of their time and talents in leading this...Read More »


Bridgette Simmons, Volunteer Coordinator

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