Home Owner Questions


Your a new home owner and suddenly there are so many things to do that just were not there as a renter. This page is intended to help new home owners with areas they are not familiar with. If you have a question that is not on our site, or would like to suggest a different solution video  please submit it so we can add it and help all the people out there. Each question will take you to a YouTube video explaining the process. Your video will be displayed in a new tab so just close that tab to be brought back to Habitat for Humanity. Feel free to search for other answers in YouTube.


Financial Questions:

How are my property taxes paid?

How is my homeowners insurance paid?

Do I have to pay for garbage pickup?

Do I pay for water?


Winter Preparation:

Outside Faucet covers

Put the garden hose away

Shovel your drive

Do I have to shovel the Sidewalks(City Rules)

Ice Damns on the roof


Summer Tasks:

Cutting the lawn

Watering the lawn

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Fall Tasks:

Clean out the Gutters

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Do you know:

Where is your main water shut off valve

Circuit Breaker Box

Gas shut off


How to Clean

Clean a drain

Clean a Stove

Clean a Refrigerator



If you have a question we have not addressed or if you have an alternate answer please email your question to IT@Nwihabitat.org




From the Desk of:

Dawn Michaels, Executive Director

A Message From Our New Executive Director

What an exciting time to be involved with Habitat for Humanity or Northwest Indiana! There are so many projects coming up to talk about; Our current Veteran Build in Merrillville, Women Build in May, and Adopt a Pet at the ReStores...Read More »

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Amy Blaker, Director of Development

Build Your Team With Us

Help build your team while building the American Dream! Join Habitat in a Wall Panel Build or Wall Raising. These are fun and functional ways to promote leadership and communication in your organization. If your organization is interested in a...Read More »

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Penny Triezenburg, Family Services Coordinator

Apply To Become A Habitat Homeowner

We are actively seeking families that would be interested in living on the 1800 block of Adams in Gary.  Please contact Family Services at (219)923-7265 x 305 to receive information about becoming a Habitat family.

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Kimberly May, Volunteer Coordinator

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