Volunteer Password Reset

Better Impact Volunteer Password Reset Procedure

There are two reasons you may need to change your password in the Better Impact Volunteer System.

You have decided to set a new password

For those of you that would like to update your password with a new one the process is pretty simple.Sign into your account and go to My Profile. The drop down menu will show the option ” Change Password”. This will display a page with 2 boxes. Enter your new password into both boxes and then tap the “Change Password” button. The next time you sign into Better Impact, you will need to use your new password. Remember: Passwords are Case sensitive.

 You forgot your current password

If you forgot your current password you can reset it through Better Impact. Just go to your login page and choose the link “Lost your user name or password” link next to the “Login” button. You will be asked for your User Id or the email that is associated with your Volunteer account. Tap the “Send Email” button and an email will be sent to you. The Email will contain a link to a Better Impact reset page. Click the link and you will then be taken to a page that has a “Reset my password” button. If you tap the Reset my password” you will be sent another email with a new password. The password may look something like this: R42gyT67 (contains Upper and Lower Case and numbers).  Go back to the login page and use your new password. Caution: If you copy and paste the new password be sure there are no spaces before the first character. If you are manually entering the password make sure you use the correct case. Caution: If your user name is your first and last name make sure it matches you the name you entered when you created your account. “FirstLast” and First Last” are not the same. Notice the second entry has a space.

The generated password may not be something that is memorable so you can follow the instructions under the first choice on this page.

Should you have continued challenges please call Bridgette 923-7265 ext 316 or email it@nwihabitat.org


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